The MV Doulos Story, from her original building as the SS medina in 1918 to when she became the Doulos in 1977, and her tragic sale in 2010, which saw her landlocked to become a wretched hotel & resort

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Welcome to During 2016 &17 I have managed to update some of the Doulos pages, but sadly I am no longer able to do anything further due to health reasons, as I was forced to conclude most of my work! Therefore, I will now only occasionally update this page if able, but I do have the Doulos located with any news, etc on my Save The Classic Liners Campaign page.

Looking Back:

Besides creating my 29 page feature on the MV Doulos with the ships complete history, with countless photographs as well as my history that goes back to when she was the MV Franca C and my two exciting experiences on her with my last voyage on being when she was in Australia for the very last time in 2008. In addition, I have written well over 1,116 Classic Passenger Liners, Passenger-Cargo Liners, including a good number of humble Migrant ships, many of these being converted War-Time Victory Class ships, such as the type C3 & C4 Class Vessels. Some of these ships were rebuilt into rather humble Migrant Liners, whilst others became far more modern and even glamorous Migrant Liners, such as Flotta Lauro’s TSS Roma and Sydney, as well as Sitmar’s TSS Fairsky, and these ships made significant inroads into maritime history. I hope that through the pages off ssMaritime you will discover many wonderful memories, be it for those past passengers and their relatives who may have sailed on these wonderful ships, from days of old until their demise in the late 1970s.


I trust that this Doulos feature and the countless ships on will be greatly enjoyed!

Reuben Goossens.

Commenced in the Passenger shipping & the Cruise Industry back in 1960.


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